Julius C. Hill - Doctoral Candidate

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     I am a doctoral candidate at Argosy University, Northern Virginia campus. I am working on a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership degree. I am preparing to conduct my dissertation research study entitled: Exploring the Experiences of Leadership Development, among African-American Administrators.

     Although African-Americans are obtaining higher education levels and representing larger portions of the workforce, this distinct group is still under-represented among senior level positions, specifically the role of administrator in public and private sectors.

    Statistics show that African-Americans represent 12.3% of full-time administrators, while Caucasians represent 76.5% of this population (Retrieved from 8-14-17). The current climate around race relations will not change without action! This research will raise awareness to the disparity and offer findings that will contribute to a more productive and equitable work-place.

Research Requirements

     If you are interested in participating in this study, here are a few things you need to know:

Participation is voluntary, and each member must have attained one of the following senior level positions: (a) administrator, (b) deputy administrator, (c) president, (d) executive or senior vise-president, or (e) executive and managing director, and (f) dean. In addition, all participants must meet the following minimum requirements: + (a) 40 years of age, (b) 15 years within a specific industry, (c) 10 years in management, and (d) possess a bachelor’s degree.

Participant Benefits

     1.   $20.00 gift card and letter of appreciation from the Researcher for completion of the study.
     2.   Refection on your leadership style and development.
     3.   Identification of your barriers to advancement.
     4.   The opportunity to strategize on overcoming these barriers.
     5.   Allow others to learn and grow from your experience.

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For More Information Call Julius Hill at 412-638-5699